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Nimantran (1971)
(A film by Tarun Majumdar)

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Hiru (Anup Kumar), a young man who has just completed his school education, comes to visit his aunt in Bakulpur village. He encounters Kumudini (Sandhya Roy), a young girl with an unending joie-de vivre, and is charmed by her. Kumudini responds, but they cannot be married because Hiru, although otherwise eligible, comes from a lower sub-caste.

Hiru goes back to the city, gets a job and tries to find a husband for Kumudini. She thwarts every attempt, determined not to marry. Hiru gives up. His own marriage is a disater, but he becomes a rich and successful businessman. Then after many years his aunt asks him to come to the village again, and he meets Kumudini once more.

Nimantran is one of the best of Tarun Majumdar's films. Its also a typical Tarun majumdar film, with a strong storyline, a good screenplay and some exquisite music. Tarun Majumdar was always a master of filming deeply emotional scenes. In Nimatran he was at his best. There is no high strung scenes, it is all depicted through gentle touches, by gestures, by clever use of dialogue.

Both Sandhya Ray and Anup Kumar give brilliant performances. They are very ably supported be an array of good actors from Bengali cinema. The music is one of the best parts, with two brilliant pieces by Nirmalendu Chowdhury, although Hemanta Mukherjee won the national award for the best male playback singer in 1971- also for Nimantran.

Much of the story line of Nimantran would seem strange today, The world has passed far beyond the 'narrow domestic walls' that existed in the time depicted. Nevertheless this is a film that brings a lump to your throat. It is a film that talks about an era which was at once much more gentle and much more constrictive. Nimantran is a charming film.

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I am uploading Nimantran both in a 700 MB X.264 format, and a 1/3-DVD DivX format. The quality of ripping is good in both, but the 1400 MB version is far better. The discerning viewer will notice that the 700 MB is somewhat oversharpened and has a lot of 'barrelling'. The audio quality in the 1400MB version is also better.

If bandwidth is not an issue, go for the 1400 MB rip (http://www.banglatorrents.com/bangla-movies-main/11697-nimantran-tarun-maumdar-1481mb-divx-ac3-ddr.html). I have checked both on the large screen, and it is distinctly better.

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The visuals are great. I really appreciated the quality of debpk's rip after the scene in which Hiru is so moved by the natual beauty of the village that he starts reciting every bit of poetry and prose that he can remember!

When Hiru started bringing suitors to see Kumi I thought he was becoming yet another Bengali hero who is honorable and self-sacrificing to the point of masochism (eg Dadar Kirti.) But both his character and the film were redeemed when he made his final heartfelt plea to Kumi even though he knew it was too late.

I was wondering if his wife Suroma is more fleshed out in Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay's novel.

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