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    Camera How to add image file to your post


    There has been a lot of errors regarding image posting & using image code in recent days...... It seems many new uploaders are not aware of the fact that they need to use imagehosting and not attach the image as Thumbnail !!!

    If one attaches an image as Thumbnail then the image will look very small and only remains in the far left-bottom of the thread... as a result other members need to click 2-3 times to get the actual view.... This happens mostly in the case of attaching Screenshots...

    But if one uses imagehosting, then the image will be placed in his/her post & will be viewed as large & clear image....

    How to use Imagehosting?

    1. Upload your image to any imagehosting site, like Btpics, Imageshack, Photobucket etc. (You have to open an account though, except in Btpics. )

    Click 'Chose image', browse your image and click 'Upload'.

    And you will get the direct link.Copy this direct link.

    2. Now, go to your thread, where you want to show the image. In formatting options above your writing space, you will see an 'insert image' icon. Click on that icon. This window will appear:

    3. You will see the two tabs : 'from computer' and 'from url
    ' . Select th
    e 'from url' tab.

    4. Now paste the aforesaid 'direct link' in the space given. also uncheck the check box below (which tells you to '
    Retrieve remote file and reference locally'.)

    5. Now click OK, and
    congratulations, you have successfully added a new image. :)

    NOTE: In stead of going through Steps 2,3 & 4, you can do it in more simpler way. Only you have to write one BBcode: [IMAGE]

    Just write [IMAGE][/IMAGE]and insert your Direct Link in between. Like as in the following picture:

    And you will get the same result.
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