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    Kakababu series er 5 ti boi

    Kakababu is a fiction character created by Bengali author Sunil Gangopadhyay, that has become legendary in Indian children's literature. The series, falling under adventure genre of literature, targeted at children and teenagers, started in the autumn of 1974 with the publication of Bhoyonkor Sundor in Anandamela magazine, puja number. Since then, the series has been continued for over 32 years on popular demand, with over 35 adventure novels in print. The publishers of most of Kakababu adventure books are Ananda Publishers, based in Kolkata, India.

    Kakababu: a crippled ex-Director of the Archaeological Survey of India, whose real name is Raja Roychowdhury. He lost one leg in a jeep accident on the Himalayas, several years ago, and walks with the help of a crutch. This however has not crippled his strong mental will and physical strength. He is much sought after by the Indian intelligence to solve critical cases of crime. He has been trapped and captured by enemies on several occasions, but escaped unhurt, or nominally hurt. In solving cases of crime, he has traveled to several parts of India and the world. Each new adventure takes him to a new destination. His age is estimated to be over 60 at present.

    Shontu: (also spelled as Shontu) the only college-going nephew of Kakababu, and the companion to all Kakababu adventures. This young adult has sharp wit and intelligence, and his mental strength is only comparable to Kakababu. He has also been trapped on several occasions by ruthless enemies.

    Jojo: friend of Shantu and equals his age. He was introduced as a character to give comic relief, resulting from his habit of telling lies.

    Debolina: another friend of Shantu, and seemingly his only female friend. She has got involved in some of the Kakababu adventures.

    Sunil Gangopadhyay er Kakababu o shontu series er boi gulo choto boro sobar jonne
    darun upobhoggo !

    Ei 5 ti boi may be BT e age post kora hoyni !!
    Sobar valo lagle dhonno hobo !!!

    Seed-- 6 pm to 11 pm GMT.
    Sobai seed korun shaddhomoto

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    Re: Kakababu series er 5 ti boi

    notun r ekta boi palam,thanks


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