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    Heart Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    Track List:

    Album: Bramha Sangeet (Ashoketaru Banerjee)

    01 Tamishwaranang Paramang Maheshwarang -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    02 Bhab Sei Eke -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    03 Bhoy Korile Jnare -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    04 Anitya Bishoy Karo Sarbada Chintan -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    05 Jadi Dakar Moto Paritam Dakte -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    06 Harinam Ananda Roshete -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    07 Mon Cholo Nij Niketone -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    08 Molin Ponkil Mone -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    09 Aha Ki Karuna Tomar -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    10 Shib Sundar Charane -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    11 Pranaram Pranaram -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    12 Amar Sakol Tumi -Asoketaru Banerjee.mp3

    Album: Benu O Beena (Ashoketaru Banerjee & Rita Ghosh)

    01 Madhur Dwani Baje -Ashoketaru Banerjee & Rita Gosh.mp3
    02 Ekhono Tare Chokhe Dekhini -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    03 Laho Laho Tule Laho -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    04 Amar Raat Pohalo -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    05 Mor Beena Uthe Kon Sure Baji -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    06 Klanta Bnasharir Sesh Ragini -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    07 Tomar Beenay Gaan Chhilo -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    08 Bajo Re Bnashori Bajo -Ashoketaru Banerjee & Rita Ghosh.mp3
    09 Amare Karo Tomar Beena -Rita Ghosh.mp3
    10 Ogo Ke Jay Bnashori Bajaye -Rita Ghosh.mp3
    11 Ajana Khanir Nuton Monir -Rita Ghosh.mp3
    12 Maddhodine Jobe Gaan -Rita Ghosh.mp3
    13 Bajilo Kahar Bani -Rita Ghosh.mp3
    14 Sakarun Benu Bajaye Ke Jay -Rita Ghosh.mp3

    Rabindra Sangeet Collection (Ashoketaru Banerjee) (LP Record)

    01 He Maha Prabal Bali -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    02 Jagato Ananda Jogge -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    03 Ananda Dhara Bohichhe Bhubane -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    04 Peyechhi Chhuti Biday Nite -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    05 Chinile Na Amare -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    06 Badal Diner Prathamo Kadam Phul -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    07 Mor Bhabonare Ki Haoai -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    08 Bandhu Raho Raho Kachhe -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    09 Aj Asbe Go Shyam Gokule Phire -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    10 Chhinno Shikol Paye Niye -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    11 Puspa Bane Puspa Nahi Achhe -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    12 Nayan Mele Dekhi Amay -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    13 Amar Ja Achhe Sokoli Dite Pari Nai -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    14 O Gaan Aar Gashne -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    15 Jhare Jay Ure Jay Go -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    16 Shraban Megher Adhek -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    17 Aji Jharo Jharo Mukharo Badar Dine -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    18 Bina Kete Lage Tangkar -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    19 Hridaye Tomar Daya Jeno Pai -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    20 Andhar Rate Ekla -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    21 Neel Anjano Ghano Kunja Chhaya -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    22 Saghano Gahano Ratri -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    23 Timiro Abagunthane -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    24 Ashru Bhora Bedona -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    25 Bnadhu Tomay Korbo Raja -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    26 Ke Bolechhe Tomay Bnadhu -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    27 Bone Jadi Phutlo Kusum -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    28 Bani Mor Nahi Nahi -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    29 Pran Chay Chakkhu Na Chay -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    30 Bhalobeshe Sakhi Nibhrite Jatane -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    31 O Je Mane Na Mana -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    32 Mori Lo Mori Amay Bnashite -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    33 Amar Nikhil Bhuban Harale -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    34 Kichhui To Halo na -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    35 Megh Bolechhe Jabo Jabo -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    36 Jete Jete Ekla Pathe -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    37 Lakshmi Jakhan Asbe -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    38 Thake To aar Parlina Maa -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    39 Amay Chhajonay Mile Path Dekhay Bole -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    40 Hay Ke Dibe aar Santana -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    41 Kothay Griha Hay Pathe Bose -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    42 Nai Nai Bhoy Hobe Hobe Joy -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    43 Jananir Dware Aji Oi -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    44 Ekhon Aar Deri Noy -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    45 Banglar Mati Banglar Jal -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    46 Byartha Praner Aborjona -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    47 Swarthak Janam Amar -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    48 Sukho Heen Nishi Deen Poradhin -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3
    49 Je Raate Mor Duar Gulo -Ashoketaru Banerjee.mp3

    Technical Information:

    Format: MPEG Audio
    Format version: Version 1
    Format profile: Layer 3
    Bit rate mode: Constant
    Bit Rate: 128 Kbps
    Sampling rate: 44100
    Channel(s): 2 channels (Stereo)

    Original Various Sources: LP and Cassette. (1) LP to Cassette, (2) Audio Cassette (Analog audio sound) was played in the Pioneer Digital Processing System (CT-W606DR, 20bit A/D D/A) to generate digital quality sound, (3) digital quality sound of cassette was captured in a CD using the Pioneer CD Recorder (PDR-609) to remove low frequency sound (noise), (4) the recorded CD was then ripped into mp3 using Windows Media Player 11, (5) LAME mp3 was made using free software Audacity and volume as well as other parameters of all mp3s were optimized.

    Seeding Time: Round the Clock

    এই সুন্দর বিটি ছেড়ে মন যেতে নাহি চায়

    If you want seed of my old release please PM me

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps


    Rabindranth Thakurer Brohmosongeet shunechhi,ebar eksathe etogulo...... Osadharon....

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    অসাধারণ একটা শেয়ার। অনেক ধন্যবাদ সোনাদা।
    গানে btভুবন ভরিয়ে দেবো............

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    অসাধারণ, অসাধারণ! অবশ্য দাদার কাছ থেকে অসাধারণ কিছু পাওয়াটাই দস্তুর হয়ে দাঁড়াচ্ছে।

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    দাদা, অসাধারন শেয়ার করেছো...ধন্যবাদ।

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    Durdanto collection. Apnake onek dhonnobad share korar jonno...

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    Re: Ashoketaru Banerjee Collection -Released by PureGold -mp3 -128 kbps

    Apnar kono tulona hoina.. Shotti osadharon release.. Apnake Osesh Dhonnobad.. ami ritimoto honne hoye Ashoktorur gaoa Rabindra Sangeet khujchilam..

    Ashoktorur gaoa aro kichu thakle, jeno please upload korben..



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