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    Heart Shyamal Mitra -Chayanika -Adhunik Gaan (A PureGold Release) -128 kbps -mp3

    Shymal Mitra Album: Chayanika CD1 -Adhunik

    01 Asha Bnadhe Ghor Okarone -Shymal Mitra
    02 Smriti Tumi Bedona -Shymal Mitra
    03 Emon Din Ashte Pare -Shymal Mitra
    04 Mohal Bone Jomechhe Mou -Shymal Mitra
    05 Chhipkhan Teen Daar -Shymal Mitra
    06 Sara Bela Aji Ke Dake -Shymal Mitra
    07 Ami Tomar Pashe Jemon Achhi -Shymal Mitra
    08 O Shimul Bon Dau Rangiye Mon -Shymal Mitra
    09 Jodi Dako Epar Hote -Shymal Mitra
    10 Ekti Kothai Likhe Jabo -Shymal Mitra
    11 Jhiri Jhiri Piyaler Kunje -Shymal Mitra
    12 Tumi Bare Bare Shudhu -Shymal Mitra
    13 Chaiti Rater Purnima Chnad -Shymal Mitra

    Shymal Mitra Album: Chayanika CD2 -Adhunik

    1 Tomay Peyechhi Bole -Shymal Mitra
    2 Sapta Dinga Modhukar -Shymal Mitra
    3 Chaitali Chnad Dube Jak -Shymal Mitra
    4 Sediner Sona Jhora Sandhya -Shymal Mitra
    5 Eto Alo Aar Eto Hashi Gaan -Shymal Mitra
    6 Ei Pothe Jai Chole -Shymal Mitra
    7 Tumi Aar Ami Shudhu -Shymal Mitra
    8 Neel Akasher Oi Kule -Shymal Mitra
    9 Chokher Najar Kom Hole -Shymal Mitra
    10 Kar Manjir baje -Shymal Mitra
    11Bhromora Tui Jashne Sekhane -Shymal Mitra
    12 Bhalobasho Tumi Sunechhi -Shymal Mitra
    13 Tori Khani Bhashiye Dilam -Shymal Mitra
    14 Suryamukhi Surya Khnuje -Shymal Mitra

    Shymal Mitra Album: Chayanika CD3 -Adhunik

    01 Hoyto Tumi Ager Moto -Shymal Mitra
    02 E Prem Jeno Amar -Shymal Mitra
    03 O Kalo Horin Chokhe -Shymal Mitra
    04 Ei Mon Sei Gaan Gaye Jai -Shymal Mitra
    05 Lal Cheli Parone Tar -Shymal Mitra
    06 Ei Andhare Ami Chole Gele -Shymal Mitra
    07 Champabati Meye Ogo -Shymal Mitra
    08 Naam Rekhechhi Banolata -Shymal Mitra
    09 Bhiru Bhiru Chokhe -Shymal Mitra
    10 Hangsha Pakha Diye Klanta -Shymal Mitra
    11 Aha Oi Anka Bnaka Poth Jay -Shymal Mitra
    12 Ja Ja Re Ja Ja Pakhi -Shymal Mitra
    13 Surya Aabar Uthlo Aabar Dublo -Shymal Mitra
    14 Ekti Parijat -Shymal Mitra

    Shymal Mitra Album: Chayanika CD4 -Adhunik

    01 Jodi Kichhu Amare Shudhao -Shymal Mitra
    02 Jak Ja Gechhe Ta Jak -Shymal Mitra
    03 Ki Bhebe Aj -Shymal Mitra
    04 Keno Dako Tumi More -Shymal Mitra
    05 Chokh Aar Mon Aha -Shymal Mitra
    06 Tumi Chole Jabar Por -Shymal Mitra
    07 Tomake Durer Akash -Shymal Mitra
    08 Chokher Aar Ek Naam -Shymal Mitra
    09 Keno Tumi Phire Ele -Shymal Mitra
    10 Ei Sundar Prithibi Chede -Shymal Mitra
    11 Dharo Kono Ek Swet Pathorer Prashade -Shymal Mitra
    12 Ei Shohore Ei Bandare -Shymal Mitra
    13 Tomader Bhalobasha -Shymal Mitra
    14 Tomari Potho Pane Chahi -Shymal Mitra

    Technical Information:

    Format: MPEG Audio
    Format version: Version 1
    Format profile: Layer 3
    Bit rate mode: Constant
    Bit Rate: 128 Kbps
    Sampling rate: 44100
    Channel(s): 2 channels (Stereo)

    Original Source: Cassette. (1) Audio Cassette (Analog audio sound) was played in the Pioneer Digital Processing System (CT-W606DR, 20bit A/D D/A) to generate digital quality sound, (2) digital quality sound of cassette was captured in a CD using the Pioneer CD Recorder (PDR-609) to remove low frequency sound (noise), (3) the recorded CD was then ripped into mp3 using Windows Media Player 11, (4) finally LAME mp3 was made using free software Audacity.

    Seeding Time: Round the clock

    এই সুন্দর বিটি ছেড়ে মন যেতে নাহি চায়

    If you want seed of my old release please PM me

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    Re: Shyamal Mitra -Chayanika -Adhunik Gaan (A PureGold Release) -128 kbps -mp3

    great release PureGold.please accept my gratitude.

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    Re: Shyamal Mitra -Chayanika -Adhunik Gaan (A PureGold Release) -128 kbps -mp3

    thanks a lot bhai..... it's gr8

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    Re: Shyamal Mitra -Chayanika -Adhunik Gaan (A PureGold Release) -128 kbps -mp3

    এইটা আমার ক্যাসেট ফর্মে আছে, সোনা দা। আবার দেয়ার জন্য অনেক ধন্যবাদ!



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